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Absorption of amitriptyline from the abdominal cavity decreases and transudate accumulates in it, which causes stretching of the abdominal wall and puts pressure on the abdominal and chest organs, disrupting their function. pathological changes. The amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity in large dogs reaches 20 liters, and in cats from 0.5 to 2 liters. It is straw-yellow in color, rarely reddish, with a specific gravity of 1.015-1.018, and a low protein content (1-2%). The peritoneum is almost not changed.

Treatment of dropsy with folk methods.

Peristaltic noises are weakened or not heard at all. Body temperature is normal, pulse is quickened. The mucous membranes are anemic, with a bluish tinge. Diagnosis. Based on history and clinical examination. Valuable data is obtained by examining the fluid obtained from the abdominal cavity. To do this, a puncture is made with a bloodletting needle, departing 0.5-1 cm from the white line, in females behind, in males in front of amitriptyline pills online. The needle is inserted to buy elavil pills.

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The volume of elavil is increased (Fig. 8). Its configuration changes with a change in body position.

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    On palpation, fluctuation is detected, and on percussion, a dull sound is established with a horizontal line of dullness, which changes with a change in the position of amitriptyline pills in space. In the differential relation it is necessary to mean, first of all, peritonitis (see. Peritonitis ). The prognosis depends on the underlying disease. In young dogs, cases of spontaneous recovery are observed. Treatment of ascites in dogs and cats.

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    It is necessary, first of all, to take measures against the underlying disease. The diet includes protein feed, water is limited. They make a puncture in the abdominal cavity and suck the fluid out of it. Heart drugs and diuretics are used. Diuretics are used. Dichlothiazide orally for dogs 3-4 mg/kg 1-2 times a day, furasemide orally for dogs 8-10 mg/kg, cats - 5-6 mg/kg 1 time per day, clopamide orally for dogs 8-10 mg /kg 1 time per day, spirolactone for dogs 9-11 mg/kg 2 times a day, diacarb inside dogs at 25-30 mg/kg 1 time per day, potassium acetate inside dogs at 0.09-0.1 g/kg , ammonium chloride inside at 50-60 mg / kg.

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    Prevention consists in the timely treatment of the underlying disease in animals. Dropsy of the heart or hydropericarditis. what is the danger of the disease, its symptoms, treatment and prognosis.

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The accumulation and retention of fluid in the atrial shirt is called hydropericarditis or dropsy of the heart. This is a dangerous condition that should not be ignored. We will talk about the causes of the development of the disease, symptoms, methods of treatment further. The pathology of the heart, in which there is an accumulation of elavil 10mg price fluid in the space between the petals of the pericardium, doctors call hydropericarditis. This is a non-inflammatory heart disease that is regularly diagnosed in people of all ages. both adults and children.